Friends don't let friends sit on the couch

Winter weather getting you down? You need a friend to cheer you up! And we know how much better it can be to train with a friend, that's why we've made Thursday's bring a friend day at Simply Fit. Yes, that's right, you can bring your bestie, your mate, your brother, sister, mum or your workmate to come train with you at our place on a Thursday. Just make sure it is during our staffed hours, sign them in and you're ready to go.

So why do we manage to train better with a friend? Here just a few of the benefits...


When it comes to working out, it’s very easy to cancel on yourself and head home or opt for a cosy meal out – but if you’ve made plans and have a friend ready and waiting at the gym, suddenly your (what would have been "optional") workout plans become more of a commitment. You’re much more likely to attend a workout or personal training session with a friend who you’ve made plans with than to motivate yourself to get moving after a long day or a wet cold morning.

Increased motivation

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Training with a friend can often bring out the competitive side (or, at least the side who feels like they need to keep up, and not let the side down aka friendly peer pressure). This increased motivation will help to keep you going. After all, you can’t hold up your workout buddy. Although you can also spend a little more time resting and chatting too.


Some days, you just can't face your planned training routine, but with training with a friend you are more likely to mix it up a bit more, try new things that you may not have done otherwise - eg battleropes. This means you will start to challenge and recruit potentially different muscles and movement patterns all building on your fitness and strength. It will also more likely end up being slightly higher intensity, because you will work harder. Training with others also means you can enjoy a partner-based workout, giving each of you the chance to motivate each other and keep on track.

You'll keep at it

Did you know you’re more likely to quit attending a fitness class if you attend on your own, rather than if you go with a friend? Simply having your workout buddy next to you makes all the difference! Celebrate your successes by partnering up with a friend and choosing workouts and programs that you’ll both enjoy.

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