Ways to keep fit when life gets busy

stretching at home

When life gets busy often one of the first things to go out of the window is your fitness routine. With the pressures of jobs, families and other responsibilities, it often feels like a balancing act. Even the smallest excuse can have a big influence on habits created around training.

With all the priorities we face in our busy lives, health should be one of these as well. Getting your daily fix of endorphins will help you to stay mentally sharp, have the energy to tackle the day and increase your productivity. Let’s face it, everyone loves being productive right!

If you are struggling to make it to your fitness club, here are some easy ideas which you can add into your day to day lifestyle to get those bodies moving and endorphins flowing. Why not try a few of these:

  1. Yoga

Doing yoga-like poses or stretches while talking on the phone. Remember to keep your abdominals tight while you do these. This will help increase your flexibility and core strength.

  1. Pets

If you have a dog, this is the perfect excuse to get some fresh air when taking them for a nice brisk walk or jog. To make it more exciting, you could even jog next to your kiddies when they are going for a bike ride.

  1. Catch Ups

Instead of having a coffee catch up with a mate, why not mix it up and go for a walk together, catching up in your active-wear.

  1. Early Birding It

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and do a quick 10 minute workout. Every little bit counts and if you get it off your to-do-list first then the rest of the day is a breeze.

  1. Intensity

If you do only have time for a quick workout, make it one that gets your heart racing a bit faster. Intervals will help elevate that heart rate. Try doing

  1. Stability Ball

Sit on a stability ball while watching your favourite TV episode. Try lifting and holding one foot off the floor for 1 minute at a time. This will not only work those core muscles but also benefit your balancing.

  1. Ad Breaks

Why stop at only doing core work? Try doing push-up, squats, sit-up and jumping jacks. You can do all these without missing anything from your TV show.

  1. Anything is better than nothing

Remember that even training in shorter blocks brings benefit. Doing something is almost always better than nothing. Don’t let the frustrations of obstacles get in the way of looking after yourself. Even a single push-up is better than sitting on the couch whinging about how you didn’t have time to exercise.

Good luck with your fitness endeavours these Winter months, and you can always pop into our Simply Fit gym for added motivation.

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