December 20, 2018

With the Christmas season fast approaching, we too will be having a break - for those with 24 hour access, there is no interruption to your training.  For those that train on a casual basis or wanting to sign back up, please check our staffed hours below:


September 6, 2018

Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are two of the best things we can do to maintain our health as we get older. Exercise can delay or prevent many of the health problems associated with ageing, including sarcopenia (loss of muscle), weakening of bones and feelings...

August 30, 2018

Here at Simply Fit we have a wide range of members, and many in their 60s, 70s & even 80s.  Our oldest member, Angela is 89 and she comes in three times per week, while our second oldest member is 86 and you will see Jo in the gym nearly every weekday.  Feeling inspire...

August 22, 2018

Winter weather getting you down? You need a friend to cheer you up! And we know how much better it can be to train with a friend, that's why we've made Thursday's bring a friend day at Simply Fit. Yes, that's right, you can bring your bestie, your mate, your brother, s...

This week I had to go have a bone infusion with the aim of healing the stress fracture in my Tibia (the big weight bearing bone below your knee) which has not healed after 9 months.

Bone Infusions are not new treatments, they are used often for treating Osteoporosis, Bo...

December 15, 2017

The silly season is hitting us, and we all know it is this time of year when months of good eating and fitness habits go out the window.   Put holiday travel into the mix and your attempt to keep your healthy routines together feel near impossible if not useless.  But...

So you have had a great training session, and now you are heading home or onto work, what you do next is really important to enhancing your ongoing performance, energy levels and recovery.

The objective of sports & post training nutrition is to primarily help the body r...

When life gets busy often one of the first things to go out of the window is your fitness routine. With the pressures of jobs, families and other responsibilities, it often feels like a balancing act. Even the smallest excuse can have a big influence on habits created...

Are you starting to feel the winter creep of weight gain?  You are not alone, studies show that on average we gain a few kilos (or more) in winter.   When it is cold and dark outside we look for comforting meals to make us feel warm and contented.  As a result we find...

We have all been there, we had good intentions of keeping our new found fitness regime up, but due to injury, work, family commitments, or just plain life getting in the way it can be hard to going again.  First of all, don’t feel guilty and don’t worry, we have all ha...

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